Don Mossman

LOCATION: Norwalk, OH or, the greater Hooterville Metroplex, by Cedar Point

OCCUPATION: Currently engaged in plotting to take over the world and, in the meantime, working as a test pilot for the Sealy Mattress company and part-time quality control at Great Lakes brewing (an unofficial position)

WHAT YOU REALLY WANNA BE WHEN YOU GROW UP: Jimmy Buffett's bass player

AGE (divided by 2 + 17): extremely mid-40's

AWESOMENESS LEVEL ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10: some days, well, I can get toward both ends of the scale, but I am a positive person with a positive outlook

FAVORITE MOVIE: can't do it in one maybe a top ten: Animal House, Blues Brothers, The Commitments, This is Spinal Tap, Casablanca, The Hunt for Red October, Star Wars, Dirty Harry, Blazing Saddles, Monty Python's Holy Grail, A Hard Day's Night


POWER OF INVISIBILITY OR ABILITY TO FLY: both invisibility comes with tequila and ability to fly is so far only in dreams, but I'm working on it

FAVORITE RECIPE: Fiesta Salsa potatoes do you want the recipe? (yes please!)

PETS: currently between pets like dogs, especially German Shepherds.

NUMBER OF FINGERS & TOES: all required are present
on myspace


FOR HOW LONG? 20 years, maybe?

WHAT GOT YOU TO THAT PLACE? studying and learning

HOW YOU CAME TO BE INTERESTED IN CLEVELAND VEGANZ: are you kidding? socializing and boozing it up with like-minded types? what could be better? well, with your clothes on...

HOW MANY EVENTS HAVE YOU ATTENDED? All but one or two, if you mean Veganz events and I intend to attend all future events if at all possible.

EMAIL ADDRESS: donmos(at)

FAVORITE MUPPET: a tough one oscar or the drummer in the band, maybe Fozzie bear

ANYTHING ELSE WE COULD USE TO GET YOU IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW... what's the statute of limitations on animal liberation? things involving a six-pack of vegan whipped cream... etc, beyond that, unless there are thought police....